WiFi Monitor

Setup is fast and easy.

WiFi Monitor setup plug in the device

1. Plug it in

WiFi Monitor app setup account

2. Install the app and create an account.

iOS or Android

WiFi Monitor select devices to monitor

3. Select devices to monitor.

Done! Each day you'll receive a daily email activity report.

WiFi Monitor features image
WiFi Monitor Monitor activities and time spent online

Monitor activities and time spent online.

WiFi Monitor Pause the internet

Pause the internet on specific devices.

WiFi Monitor set schedules for your devices

Set schedules by device.

Maintain a healthy balance for your family. Set dinner and bedtime schedules.

WiFi Monitor set usage alerts

Set usage alerts

Set alerts by activity type, from time spent on social media to video streaming, and more. 

WiFi Monitor daily email reports

Daily activity reports

Get everything you need to manage your internet.

User reviews

For me, Wifi Monitor has been an essential tool for monitoring cumulative use of social media. I use the daily reports and it prompts us to have good discussions with each of them about being responsible about their internet use.

– Dr. Simon B. (Father of 4)

I knew my daughter watched Netflix but when I saw my reports I was shocked at just how much! WiFi Monitor opened my eyes and gave me the ammunition I needed to address the issue.

– Natasha B. (Mom of 2)

My daily reports have been integral in my discussions with our kids about their social media use. Until I had WiFi Monitor, I had no basis on which to discuss internet use with them. Now I feel far more positively engaged with this part of their lives. I would definitely recommend WiFi Monitor to other parents.

– Carissa T. (Mom of 6)

I was first interested in using the WiFi Monitor to better understand my teenager’s social media and general internet usage, however the WiFi Monitor has ended up being an integral tool in understanding our whole family’s use and supported us in creating a technology hygiene plan that allows for balanced use and unplugged family time.

– Andréa, mother of a 14 year old daughter